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Maria Regina Model Comprehensive Secondary School

Our school is a great place for learning. A place for moulding future leaders of the society. Our cores values surrounds every life of our student, and makes the student a perfect tool to better human race, and the self.

We are on a good mission of attaining excellence through grace and hardwork. We are committed to encouraging pupils to be life-long learners, which helps them not just to develop self confidence but to respect themselves and the society at large, contributing their best to making the world a better place.

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Educational Services

Information Technology

We make use of modern technology to teach and educate our students. We have well equipped classrooms and laboratories.

Best Tutors

Most students enjoys a subject or course when the right teacher is teaching the subject. We have the best and qualified teachers that will help to educate your child.

100% Support

Maximum care and 100% support are rendered to our student to make sure that their aim is achieved.

Experience a vital change in education system with exciting tutors!

We have design a system that is regard as the best format education system uses to build up someone's carrer. Wonderful tutors are also the basic roots a child needs to develop his or her talent to make the society a better place. Catch up with us now!

Awards & Achievements

We have won so many awards and achieved a lot with our students on so many competitions like debates, quiz and also examinations that are conducted outside the school. We also encourage you to come and join our school to achieve greatness and excellence.
"Education has always been a powerful tool to develop human's nature both mentally and physically, so we use the tool to rebuild our society."

Rev. Fr. Ugbor Paul O.
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