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Origin: The origin of the school can be traced from the pre-war grade three teacher's training college, founded by the then Archbishop of the catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha,Archbishop Charles Heerey,CSSP, of blessed memory in 1964. It was cited in the premises of the present our lady of Assumption Cathedral church. It spanned through the Immaculate Heart Sisters convert to its present location. It occupied a linear position on the western side of Nnobi Road.

The former Maria Regina has been reduced in size by demerging and demarcating of 'government' land from the mission land in the mid-seventies by the state school board. Following the above event, the school has been known by different names at different times according to the political condition of the time. In 1966,the grade three teacher training college was phased out and this gave way to Maria Regina Commercial secondary school,under the headship of Rev. sr. Eucharia Anyaegbunam. The school was then relocated to its present site. Later, the name was changed to Maria Regina Comprehensive secondary school. In the early seventies, then government of Anambra state embarked on merged with the present Girls' secondary school, Nnewi then known as Nnewi Girls' secondary school, Nnewi. Then merged school was known as Maria Regina High School, still under the principalship of Rev. Sis. Eucharia Anyaegbunam.

Later on, the two schools were demerged and Maria Regina went back to its former name, Maria Regina Secondary school. In 1989, the Anambra state government of Mr. Jim Nwobodo, designated ten secondary school in the state as Model Secondary schools. These ten schools were required to offer all subjects in the different fields of study of science, arts, social siences, business studies and technology. Thus in 1989, the name of the school changed to Maria Regina Model comprehensive secondary school, one of the star schools in the state. Between 2000 and 2008, the school was handed back to the catholic mission by state government along with 42 other secondary schools in the state.

Currently as at 2019, Maria Regina Model Comprehensive Secondary School is under the joint effort and management of the government of Anambra state and the catholic dioceses of Nnewi.

VISION: To be a leading education institution committed to the formation of young girls who are morally, physically and academically sound, and well-adjusted to be able to cope with the challenges in life.

MISSION: Through a group of qualified, educated, and well-motivated staff, as well as the provision of adequate facilities and carefully developed programmes. The students will be given the best in terms of discipline, academics and moral upbringing.

MOTTO: Caritas Omnibus, Scientia Disciplina (Charity to All through Knowledge and Discipline)

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